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***Just a tiny reminder, if you maybe planned on getting my memoir novel and other things just kind of got in the way and stole from you that 5 minutes it’d take to order TIMFOOLERY: TALES of a THIRD-RATE JUNKIE, well, don’t fret; you can do it now on AMAZON and then look oh so forward to the book being delivered to your door!

Or if you dig the KINDLE thing, (more immediate), there’s that option too. Also, feel free to write a review on Amazon too, if you’re feeling sassy. (for those who’ve read it). People most often pick up a book because they’ve read a review or heard through the grapevine there’s something different or special about it; reviews help and are huge! A ton of “Thank You”s for the support.IMG_00000278***


    B L O G  J U N K I E

     I think that’s going to be a super name for myself, as one has to pick out an original handle, for instance Jenny Lawson is “The Blogess”, capitalizing on the female sensibility, what’s the man’s side of that, “The Blogger?” Not very exciting. Think this will work…

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  • Meet ‘N Greet at Chapters Bookstore – Saturday August 29th, Peterborough, Canada

    So,  the book signing went well, a little slower than I’d thought, but who knew that there were so many readers of my genre in this here town. Just what is my genre again?” oh yes, that’s right, “Creatively non-fiction-like memoir-ing” I’m still working on that one.

    FullSizeRender(1)Sitting ever so relaxed, patiently awaiting my “fan base’ which today looks like my one and only moms, one teenager dressed only in black and “The Cure” makeup, plus the two seniors who I’m certain have been following me wistfully from book signing to book signing. They seem shady, even with their oxygen tanks with sporty carrying cases and Polo golf visors, I suspect something. Secondly, they’re twins, which is always unsettling, as you know they’ve been through a lot, having to fight for attention and notoriety within their respective clans. Who played the role of the big sister when it came time for hand-me-downs, I wonder? Unwelcome paranoia notwithstanding, I felt some comfort when the manager of the store came over, petted me gingerly on the shoulder, handed me a bon bon and managed to get a word in edge-wise. “Some days it’s just slow”. She handed me a hankie for my tears and disappeared into the Romantic teen book aisle. I managed, as usual, to have fun anyways!

  • TIMFOOLERY: TALES of a THIRD RATE JUNKIE…arrives this week!

    Timfoolery: Tales of a Third rate Junkie   Timfoolery: Tales of a Third Rate Junkie   Timfoolery: Tales of a Third Rate Junkie

    Friday July 10th, 2015
    Dearest friends and readers,
    My memoir-style autobiography is yes, after all this time, FINALLY available, for other humans (aside from myself) to devour, review and digest over snacks, naps and herbal tea for two – or even three folks or more. The novel comes equipped with an occasional portrait, moments of thematic soundscapes, plus, some chapters furnished ever-so-sincerely, and also, if you prefer, read for you unwaveringly in hi-definition dynamite audio.

    I’ve attached the front and back cover for your viewing entertainment, as well as the meat of the matter – 2 chapters from the novel for you to consume, or, if you prefer, just can sit back and listen to the chapters swim soothingly out of your speakers, (remembering, of course, that an intense yet engaging and hypnotic voice will be coming out of them do not allow the voice to frighten you; relax, it’s only technology coupled with various intricate marketing tools that allow you to derive joy from this process at the highest level possible).

    So, light a candle, lie down and chill; puff up those high thread-counted Egyptian cotton-cased thing, pour your favorite beverage all over yourself, and begin.

    Click here to read, like, visually:

    Press this puppy to, like, listen to actually hearing someone wax rhapsodically to you;

    A) You can purchase the book through CreateSpace:

    B) You can purchase the book through Book Baby:

    C) You can purchase the book through KINDLE:

    or from my website:

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    “Masterson is a great and ridiculous writer. He has a singular voice, one that always shocks me and makes me laugh. It’s shocking he’s not a huge writer, won’t be a surprise if he becomes one.”
    James Frey: Author of A Million Little Pieces, My Friend Leonard, Bright Shiny Morning and Endgame: The Calling
    “Tim Masterson is a writer first and a junkie second (or third according to the title – I’m not sure what he does in between). As such, he manages to capture the absurdity of addiction from the perspective of an astute observer while simultaneously exposing the frenetic and often-insane thought process used to justify active addiction. Through Tim’s incredible gifts as a writer we get to see how absurdly funny addiction
    can be even when there is no fun being had.”
    Oran Canfield: Author of Long Past Stopping
    “In an age when some of our greatest creative geniuses – Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams, amongst others -have
    succumbed to addiction, depression and their darker side, it is fascinating to pierce the mind of a talented young man with an
    impressive skill set with devils of his own. His writings provide insight into the creative mind and the challenges both
    internal and external that confront it.”
    Michael A. Levine: Chairman – Westwood Creative Artists
    “Tim often publishes under the playful moniker of “Timber” Masterson. That moniker was well chosen, since his various musings, observations
    and confessions have always merited the cry that something major is hurtling forward. In a forest full of writers searching for their
    original voice, Tim has confidently found his.”
    Richard Horgan: Co-Editor – Adweek’s Fishbowl NY
    “Timber Masterson’s stories dance madly along the line between truth
    and fiction, fun and addiction, trouble and affliction. His voice is unique, insistent and impossible to ignore. The man is a force to be reckoned with.”
    Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall: Author of Down to This: Squalor and Splendour in a Big-City Shanty Town, Ghosted and Mille Petites Falaises
    “Crazed humor with soul and impact. Masterson makes you laugh even as he vivisects himself with razor sharp prose.”
    Frank Miles: Performer, Writer
    “I’ve been looking after Mr. Masterson for over 25 years, and while I’m amazed that he got this done,
    I’m not the least bit surprised at how amazing it is.”
    Dr. Dave Greenberg: Toronto GP
    Timber Masterson stories live on the borders, in the in-betweens, and are summarily thrust upon the reader,
    in media res, like a hot potato, as if to say, “Here, take this, I don’t know what to do with it.”
    Mike Young: Editor – Noo Journal