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Good day to all. I am in this contest, where it’s all about how many votes you get. Here is the link. My name is Tim and I’m in the 40+ category. What has to happen is I need as many people as possible to go to that site and click on my picture. It’s not facebook “likes” that I’m after, it’s “votes” on this website, and I guess anything else that could help ie; twitter and the others social media outlets. Help me win the contest, with each vote you are automatically entered to win free haircuts for a year!!!

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  • Monday September 28th

    Good evening folks…Happy Monday…

    ***Just a tiny reminder, if you maybe planned on getting my memoir novel and other things just kind of got in the way and stole from you that 5 minutes it’d take to order TIMFOOLERY: TALES of a THIRD-RATE JUNKIE, well, don’t fret; you can do it now on AMAZON and then look oh so forward to the book being delivered to your door!

    Or if you dig the KINDLE thing, (more immediate), there’s that option too. Also, feel free to write a review on Amazon too, if you’re feeling sassy. (for those who’ve read it). People most often pick up a book because they’ve read a review or heard through the grapevine there’s something different or special about it; reviews help and are huge! A ton of “Thank You”s for the support.IMG_00000278***


    B L O G  J U N K I E

     I think that’s going to be a super name for myself, as one has to pick out an original handle, for instance Jenny Lawson is “The Blogess”, capitalizing on the female sensibility, what’s the man’s side of that, “The Blogger?” Not very exciting. Think this will work…

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  • Meet ‘N Greet at Chapters Bookstore – Saturday August 29th, Peterborough, Canada

    So,  the book signing went well, a little slower than I’d thought, but who knew that there were so many readers of my genre in this here town. Just what is my genre again?” oh yes, that’s right, “Creatively non-fiction-like memoir-ing” I’m still working on that one.

    FullSizeRender(1)Sitting ever so relaxed, patiently awaiting my “fan base’ which today looks like my one and only moms, one teenager dressed only in black and “The Cure” makeup, plus the two seniors who I’m certain have been following me wistfully from book signing to book signing. They seem shady, even with their oxygen tanks with sporty carrying cases and Polo golf visors, I suspect something. Secondly, they’re twins, which is always unsettling, as you know they’ve been through a lot, having to fight for attention and notoriety within their respective clans. Who played the role of the big sister when it came time for hand-me-downs, I wonder? Unwelcome paranoia notwithstanding, I felt some comfort when the manager of the store came over, petted me gingerly on the shoulder, handed me a bon bon and managed to get a word in edge-wise. “Some days it’s just slow”. She handed me a hankie for my tears and disappeared into the Romantic teen book aisle. I managed, as usual, to have fun anyways!